Evie’s Dragon

Evie the mermaid had just come back from the hot vents at the bottom of the sea, and that’s why she didn’t notice the steam jets at first. But then she saw that there were steam jets coming from her village, where there were no hot vents, and she swam just as fast as she could. There was a dragon, covered in shiny silver scales and blowing hot steam all across the space between the houses of her village. She swam down to the dragon quickly.

“What are you doing?” cried Evie.

“I am a dragon, so I am burning down your village, I guess,” the dragon said.

“You guess?” asked Evie.

“Yeah, I mean, I don’t really want to but it’s what dragons do, right?” said the dragon as he blew down another house.

“Well I think that’s a load of bunk, that you’d destroy my village even though you don’t want to just because you think you guess you’re supposed to,” Evie said.

“Well what else am I supposed to do?” the dragon asked.

“There’s so many things you could do! How is that even a question? You could be a carpenter, or a movie director, or an historical reenactor, or even just a good dragon and my friend.”

“Yeah, but honestly, do you think I could really be a good dragon and your friend?”

“Of course I do or I wouldn’t have said it,” said Evie. “Let’s be friends.”

“Fine,” said the dragon.

And from then on, they were.


Written 2/19/16 at the Museum of Play for a woman who thought there were too few mermaid-dragon-crossover stories in this world

Evie's Dragon