EV the Lion Princess of Washington, DC

EV was the lion princess of Washington, DC. Every morning she watched as giraffes walked hyenas on leashes on the sidewalks. Meerkats climbed on the family elephant and rode it to the pool, eating goldfish and drinking juice and laying in the sun in their meerkat bathing suits. Hippopotamuses mowed the long golden grasses with big lawn mowers they pushed with their great big teeth. Warthogs played on the playground equipment, chased each other, and sang songs that made no sense. Rhinoceroses watched them and laughed and laughed.

EV regarded this in regal silence, preparing for the part she was to play in the day. At noon, when the sun was highest and brightest in the sky, EV, her mother, and her father all walked to the banks of the river. The hyenas hushed. The hippopotamuses stopped their mowers and turned to look. All of the animals regarded the royal family. As the sun passed directly overhead and their shadows disappeared, the three of them, mom, dad, and EV, all roared their deafening roar together. The roar echoed off the apartment buildings across the river, could be heard at the white house and the capitol building, and took a full five minutes to die out completely. In the silence, EV again regarded her kingdom. She nodded. This day would do.


Written 10/11/15 for an indefatigable little girl.

EV lion princess