Dominic’s Career

Dominic wanted two things in life: to be a police officer, and to be rich. So when he graduated college, he went to the police academy, and studied to be a police officer. And after just two years, he graduated at the top of his class and joined the Rochester Police Department as an officer.

Dominic was very happy as a police officer, but there was one problem, and that was that he didn’t make enough money to buy the house of his dreams, which was big and beautiful and right next to the science center.

So Dominic set about brainstorming ways to make money. He thought about the stock market, and he thought about buying a science center, and he thought about inventing a new kind of airplane that could also go to space.

But in the end, Dominic’s first passion had always been for film, and since he was already a police officer, he made a documentary about what it was like to be a police officer in Rochester. He interviewed all the bad guys in the city, and asked them all if they would carry cameras and film their next crime.

And all the criminals, they wanted to be movie stars so badly, that they said yes, and they filmed themselves robbing banks, and launching a rocket not on a rocket pad, and robbing gold from people who have gold.

Dominic released his movie eight months later. And it won an Oscar, and went on to be the most money making movie of the year. And all the criminals who had filmed themselves went to jail when judges saw their taped crimes, and Dominic was a hero to the police and the city of Rochester. He bought the house he’d wanted and spent  his free time after then volunteering at the Science Center he lived next to.

Written on 2/11/17 for a boy who had a pretty clear vision of what he wanted his future to look like.