Dancing Like Gods

In the dream, the camp director felt calm. He sat by a campfire and many voices spoke to him in a language he did not know, but he understood them nonetheless. Then one voice, commanding and wise, spoke. The camp director woke up.

“Come on, come on,” the camp director said, shaking the feet of his counselors as they slept in their sleeping bags. “Get up! There isn’t much time!” The counselors were groggy and confused and annoyed, and didn’t the camp director know that it was 4:45 am? But the camp director was so excited that they sighed and put on pants and grabbed a flashlight.

“Hurry, hurry!” the camp director said as he led them up the side of the canyon. They passed the pictograms and wound their way up the red stone. The air was cool and bracing, and the counselors felt as though they were finally waking up.

“I know just where to go, but we need to get there soon!” he said, and that’s all he said to all the questions the counselors had. Finally they reached the ridge. The sun was just about to rise and everything above the horizon looked like hot metal. A beautiful sunrise, the counselors agreed aloud.

“No, you dolts, look behind you,” said the camp director. They turned, and just at that moment the sun got it’s uppermost edge above the horizon. The staff of Indian Writings stood silhouetted agains the valley. Their shadows were enormous. The camp director raised his right arm and a giant two miles tall raised it’s arm as well.

They dance like Gods at the lip of the canyon until the sun finished rising and saw them return to human form.

Written on the back of a jigsaw puzzle for the staff of Indian Writings Camp, Philmont Scout Ranch, Cimarron, NM.


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