Colin’s Donut Shop

Colin loved donuts. He loved how they tasted, how they felt in his mouth, how they shined in the sunshine when their sugar glazes caught the light. He thought donuts could be used to make everyone in the world just a little bit happier. He had a hunch that if people weren’t so hungry, they might be kinder and more polite to each other too. So he decided to open a donut shop. He bought a big machine covered with lights and buttons that would hum and blink lights and spit out the most amazing donuts that were warm and light and so tasty they would bring a tear to anyone’s eye. He bought a big sign that lit up and said donuts and had a big stick-figure man that would eat a donut. And when the day came for Colin’s Donut Shop to open, the line for the donut counter went out the door, around the block, through a nearby park, and only ended somewhere near the local tennis courts. The people gasped when Colin turned his donut machine on, and it hummed and blinked and steamed and spat out the donuts one by one. Everyone ate donuts, and Colin sat in the sun eating donuts with them, and it turned out he had been right, and the world was made just a little bit better by his donuts.


Written on 10/17/15 at the Farmer’s Market for a little boy who really liked donuts

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