Catgut Wedding Ring

Clarissa hadn’t had a choice of where in history the box that appeared outside of her door would take her, and all things considered she probably would not have chosen the cliffs of France in the time before civilization. But that was where the box had taken her, and ever resourceful, she was determined to make the most of it. She fell in with a band of cave folk who were led by a handsome man dressed in leopard skin named Gunter. Gunter took a special interest in her, and always listened close when she told them tales of the future as they sat around the campfire roasting spits of mammoth. One day, he got up the courage (in typical caveman fashion he did this by wrestling a bear) to ask her out berry picking one day, and to Clarissa’s surprise, she said yes.

When he surprised her by bringing her a stone he’d carved into a heart with his teeth, Clarissa felt herself falling in love with the caveman. Two years later, right by the banks of the stream where the box had deposited her, Gunter got down on one knee and handed her a ring he had made out of cat gut and iron ore. Clarissa said yes.


Written on 9/14/15 for Stella on

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