Anthony’s Ferrari

When the Pentagon Announced that they would be getting rid of five Saturn 3 ICBM missile rockets, Anthony was first in line to buy them. And when the Ferrari corporation announced that they were releasing a special edition car with extremely tough suspension and air flaps like an airplane (to make sure the car didn’t act like a wing and fly off the road), Anthony was first in line to buy it. He bought a biAnthonyg red barn and a MiG welding kit, and a launch pad and a strip of asphalt three miles long.

Anthony put the rockets on the Ferrari, and he put a parachute on his back, and he got in the car, wound the engine up to 60 miles an hour and hit the ignition button.

Anthony broke 300 miles an hour three seconds later. Then 500 miles an hour. He broke the speed of sound, then he broke twice the speed of sound, and there was a huge sonic boom both times. Then he reached the end of the runway, and the car began to lift off the ground. The car went in a straight line, but the earth fell away because it was curved, and after just five minutes Anthony found he was at the lower edge of space. Just then the rockets stopped, and Anthony set the car radio to play the Sonic the Hedgehog Theme song, opened the car door, and jumped out. He parachuted to the ground, and just as he landed, he saw in the far distance the fireball as the car exploded. Anthony felt pretty cool. He felt that way because at that moment he was pretty cool.


Written on 2/13/16 at RMSC for a kid who was exactly as cool as you’d imagine.

Anthony's Ferrari