An Excess of Fish

Eric had never been to Lake Ontario. He’d only been fishing once before in his whole life, really. But he had barely gotten on the boat and gotten out to the middle of the lake when his rod began to bend. He caught his first fish in his first fifteen seconds. He caught his tenth fish after eight minutes. After twenty minutes, a school of fish jumped into his boat, and he ran out of bait in the first hour. And still the fish kept biting and hopping on board in some kind of fish fervor.

By the end of the day, Eric had caught 444 fish, and his phone was ringing off the hook. Good morning America, the Guinness book of world records, and NPR all wanted to interview him. It was all such a hassle. Eric resolved to never go fishing again.


Written at the Ontario Beach Park pier on 9/6/15.

Podcast Episode:

003 An Excess of Fish (Downloadable mp3 – right click the link and choose “Save Link As…”)