An Accountant Builds a Fence on the Moon

The frugal accountant decided that he needed a fence. His backyard, which had a lovely view of earth, was a little too open for him to just let his dog in his little dog space suit go frolicking about. So he went to Moon-Lowes, and being a frugal man he purchased the cheapest pneumatic pump-shovel he could buy. As he drove back in his moon-cart he congratulated himself on side-stepping the obvious rip off pump-shovels for twice as much money. Until he had suited up in his mech suit and begun to dig the first post. He was halfway through the first post when the pump-shovel broke. So he went back to Moon-Lowes and bought a second one. Which also broke after half a hole. Now, a less frugal man would just buy the more expensive shovel at this point but the accountant was a man of principles, and besides there was a deal on bulk cheap pump-shovels. So he bought forty of them, and through sheer force of will and with a graveyard of pneumatic junk, he built his fence.


Written for the Accountant’s wife at the Corn Hill Arts Festival on 7/12/15

Podcast Episode:

008 An Accountant Builds a Fence on the Moon (Downloadable mp3 – right click the link and choose “Save Link As…”)

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