An Aardvark and an Armadillo Fall in Love

When the school closed down and the students left, when the building fell into disrepair and the doors blew in, that’s when the Aardvark found the book. She was looking for food, as on any other day, when she stumbled into the school’s small library. There was an encyclopedia on the ground and the Aardvark was curious to see how the humans defined her species. But when she turned to Aa, all she could see was the beautiful full-color photograph of an American Armadillo. He was a beautiful animal, sleek in his skin armor and with an air of rakish insouciance that the Aardvark found utterly irresistible. The Aardvark tore the page out using her claws and prehensile nose and used a glue of mashed ants to hang the page up in her den. For a month she dreamed of meeting the Armadillo, asking the Aardvarks and even the ants just before she ate them how one would go about getting to America, but none of them knew. This was her dream, now, though, and she was determined. Over the next few weeks, she added other pages to the wall in her den. First, “America.” Then “Atlantic Ocean.” Then “Trans-atlantic Travel.” Then “Hot Air Balloon.” Then “Hydrogen Gas Production,” “Map of Prevailing Winds and Jet Stream”, and “Common Greetings Between Armadillos.”
Written on 9/13/15 for @CaptainPlatypus
Karl Smith-An Aardvark and an Armadillo Fall in Love copy 2