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The Whispered Secrets of the Left Back Tire

The Big Bad Wolf at 4 A.M.

Severus the Savior

Nargagloff and Daisy

Dominic’s Career

The Friendly Monkey

How Sophie Saved Cinderella’s Castle

The Logger and the Maple Tree

The Lego Man

The Medievalist and the Mobster

Lilly’s Nine Trips to Space

Love and Free Will

The Beginning of Beyond

The Kitchen Crumbs

The Bettys


 The Fox and the Hedgehog

The Vineyards

Nellie’s Solution

Rocket Baby

The Walk

Max and the Squirrel

The Dragon’s Fortune

The Married Protectors of Rochester

The Undeadening

What Happened When the Dinosaur Tasted Cotton Candy

Piper’s Airport

Pedroia’s Swing

The Small Piece of Wisdom

Candy Whiskey

Christmas in Horse Prison

The Search for Sly Tony

The Balloons

The Submarine Meet-Cute

The Antiquities Dealer

Election Day – What the Nation Saw in Greg’s Reflection

The Honeymoon

Halloween Week – Reality Check

Halloween Week – What He Did With the Body

Halloween Week – The Elephant and the Kidnappers

Halloween Week – The Edge of the Dark, Dark Woods

A Leaving

The Greatest Danger of New York City

EV the Lion Princess of Washington, DC

The Stick

The Snow Angel


The Big Discovery

Ayah the Jumper

The Peeper Homes

Princess Rebecca

The Weirdest Superheros

Jack is the Giant

The Big Blue Hairy Monster Upstairs

The Great House

Java’s Cafe

The Frog in the Corner

Tasty Sounds

Momma Ladybug and her Baby

The Ice Cream Magnet

The Beige Beaches of Puerto Rico

Emma the Astronaut

The Estate of Sinjun Einloch

The Magic Pyjamas

The Greatest Treehouse in the World

Expected Genetic Drift

The Speech

The Ghost-Plane

The Hipster Sea Lion

The Tiny Little Turtle

The Curious Little Frog

Jerry’s Little Bundle of Joy

Evie’s Dragon

The Final Kindness

The Fairy Frat Boy Caravan

The Evil Mermaids

The Application Process

The Safety Balloon

Brae was Hungry

The Apartment

Bear Week – The Bear

Bear Week – The Talented Dancing Polar Bears

Bear Week – The Bear’s Mug

The Motorcycle Fairies

“He Put His Gloved Hand on the Doorknob”

Nine Cheers for Cats

Super Deydey the Flying Princess

The Mermaid’s Treasure

The Princess’s Scraped Knee

The Fly Flew Up, the Fly Flew Down, the Fly Did a Loop-De-Loop

The Dragon’s Game

The Frost Mouse

An Aardvark and an Armadillo Fall in Love

In the Belly of the Snow Monster

The Fireworks

The Binoculars in the Sand

Jessica’s Past Lives

The Fire Marshal

The Ringmaster Alligator Marshals the Bullfrogs into the Amusement Park in his Stomach

The Stegosaurus’s Time Machine

The Most Perfect Fly

Stacking the Tarot Deck

The Grey Ghost

The Dragon Metamorphosis

The Museum of Mysteries

The Dinosaur Astronomer

Fingernail Polish

Molly Wanted a Dog

NASA and the Three Little Piggies

The Frog with Laser Eyes

Faith and Winter

The Humans Had a Problem

Anthony’s Ferrari

The Frog’s Jig

Frog Science

The Disappearance

She’s Got the Moon in Her Pocket


Cormac’s Frog

The Crash

The Short Memories of Frogs

The T-Rex’s Race

The Battle of the Bears

Country Frog, City Frog

Bread for the Lost Little Chinchilla

Lily the Frog Jumps All the Way to the Moon

Jeff’s Reviews

Santo the Barber

The Diver

We Fell In Love Three Years, and Several Lifetimes, Ago

The Cold War Vampires

The Wages of Corn Theft

What The Ghosts Said

DOGS! The Musical

Dancing Like Gods

Ontological Surgery

Summoner’s Regret

The Lawyer

The Future Comes to the Farmer’s Market

Lovecraft Runs the Bulls

Zombie Football

Catgut Wedding Ring


The Deer

The Logger’s Breath

Colin’s Donut Shop

It Was a Dark and Stormy April 15th

The Secret Menu

Intergalactic Tortoise

The Magician on the Roof of the Kodak Building

Joe Physics

An Accountant Builds a Fence on the Moon

Monster Truck Ambulance

The Unexpected Life

Ava, Princess of Mermaids

The Last Dodo

An Excess of Fish

The Measuring Cup

The Demon Typewriter