Meet Dr. Sparks. He’s a scientist and he writes stories on the spot for people on a mechanical typewriter. The stories he writes are whimsical, but they also have STEM (Science, technology, engineering, and math) concepts in them. These stories are filmed and animated, like the one above.

10 Cent Stories with Dr. Sparks is aimed at children ages 6-10. Each episode will be roughly 20 minutes long, and will be composed of 2-3 stories that Dr. Sparks will write in collaboration with the children on site. Filming will take place in multiple locations around Pittsburgh, with a particular emphasis on the Pittsburgh museum scene.

10 Cent Stories is a love letter to Pittsburgh. Let’s make the world a stranger, more whimsical place.

Here are some more videos of Dr. Sparks’ stories. These can also be found on the Facebook page (Facebook.com/10centstories), Instagram (instagram.com/10centstories), or Youtube channel (youtube.com/channel/UCsYrRyMTMyfusO-3x7ImVxQ). These videos are produced and edited by Karl J. P. Smith.